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Student Engagement and Academic Achievement

Every child comes to school eager to learn. It is our mission as educators to keep this urge alive.

Our Elementary Program is designed to nurture student’s curiosity and motivation in their learning while supporting the mastery learning approach in gaining content proficiency.  We strive to develop the whole child by engaging students in core subjects (reading, writing, mathematics, science and cultural studies) and special subjects (art, library, music, physical education, technology, and Languages Other than English.) 

I love our mastery-based learning environment at QSI Skopje.  It allows me to challenge students at an appropriate level for their social, emotional, and academic development.  Our Success Orientations foster an inclusive and welcoming community by encouraging the character development of each child. By keeping the whole child in mind, QSI Skopje empowers me to do what I love doing: impacting young lives and inspiring them to become positive world changers!

- Cassie Pratt, 7YO Teacher

QSI Skopje Elementary Program

Did You Know?

Mastery learning means students have the time they need to master the skills necessary before moving on to the next unit. Students are only assessed when teachers know that mastery is attainable for that student. Ample opportunities are given for students to achieve above and beyond a mastery level.