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Our preschool program is designed to include developmentally age-appropriate practices.

Students engage in thematic units that involve exploratory hands-on and minds-on learning to our students. Our teachers empower students to learn about things they wonder about in the world around them.

It is highly important to create a safe, caring environment, and connection with all students in an early childhood classroom. In this safe and caring environment, children thrive and want to learn.  

- Valentina Jankulovska, Preschool Teacher

Learning as a Preschooler

This booklet provides information about what a Preschool student will be learning in school. It includes specific information on the following:

  • Building character and a culture of success with QSI's Success Orientations
  • Our approaches to learning that foster imagination and creative expression
  • Our methods to measure success
  • What a preschooler will learn in our thematic units
First page of the PDF file: Learningasa2-3-4-year-oldFinal

Purposeful Play

"Purposeful Play" classrooms utilize student centric learning centers that encourage exploration and that reward collaboration.

Below is our preschool daily schedule.