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"Purposeful Play" classrooms utilize student centric learning centers that encourage exploration and that reward collaboration

Preschool Program

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Virtually every five year old comes to school eager to learn. The mission of QSI is to keep this urge alive in every child. 

We believe that success breeds success, and that it is the responsibility of the school to provide the conditions for success in an English language environment.  

Our curriculum is written to help your child to master the content and excel. 

In the younger years, Purposeful Play and Mastery Learning blend perfectly together. As a school community, we want to empower our 2-5 year olds by offering them the opportunities to make decisions and solve problems.  

We want to help guide students towards making sound choices. It is our goal that children will possess confidence in their abilities and acquire a lifelong love for learning. 

Our educational philosophy is founded upon the premise that All Students Can Succeed!
In the elementary years, the QSI motto-Success for All is the foundation that we build on for future generations. As a department, we take this motto seriously. 
We have a team of dedicated teachers ready and able to help children be inspired by new ideas, identify natural curiosity, engage in active learning, and challenged to think in critical ways. 
As we move into the 3rd decade of the 21st century, our school is determined to make sure that children are making progress towards becoming responsible global citizens and independent thinkers prepared for the challenges of the future.
We believe that the core areas need to be developed fully to prepare the children to be successful in Middle School, Secondary, and beyond. Our team of highly skilled educators plant a firm foundation in reading, writing, and mathematics in our students.
By reaching each student where they are and moving them farther, we can achieve success for all. We strive to meet the needs of each student regardless of their level. 
This is the elementary department’s aim as we bridge the gap between preschool and the secondary program.
We welcome you to see firsthand how our vibrant school allows us to take learning beyond the books to create an environment for our students to excel in all aspects of their lives.