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Food Services

QSI Skopje offers hot school lunch to all students.

The hot lunch service is optional and at additional cost. Registration is per term or for the school year.

The school uses the services of a professional catering company for providing the hot school lunches.

The school has equipped kitchen and cafeteria for serving the lunches to students, but due to the Covid-19 preventive measures this school year the school offers packed lunches.

For the same reason, fresh fruit and vegetables snacks provided to all students during morning recesses and lunch recesses had to be paused this year.

Lunch menus are set by the school and each school day a choice of two main dish options is offered. The school makes every effort to balance healthy and nutritional food with what we know students like to eat. Packed juice, fruit and bread bun is served with the lunch. Pork meat and nuts are not served in the school provided lunches.